Sale Philips QS6140 Style Shaver For Men

Philips QS6140 Style Shaver For Men

  • Brand: Philips
  • Product Code: QS6140
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  • Rs. 5,035 Rs. 5,595

The shaver in metallic lacquer comes with a rubber grip on the handle. The steel blades of the electric trimmer have rounded tips with a comb to prevent skin irritation while and after shaving. The trimmer has a beard trimmer with 12 length settings. There is also a reversible trimmer which is perfect for getting into small spaces like under the nose and around your mouth. It is 100 percent waterproof.

The beard trimmer cum shaver gives you the exact length you want with its 12 precision settings from 0.5mm to 10mm. Just turn the wheel to lock-in your length setting.

The StyleShaver uses a Li-ion battery that gives the user a running time of 50 minutes after 4 hours of charging. Thus giving you more than enough grooming time. Also, if you have forgotten to charge your shaver the previous day, you don't need to worry as there is always the option of quick charge. Just charge it for 10 minutes and get 10 minutes of grooming time. The battery light on the device is blue when there is enough charge and blinks orange when there is only 10 minutes or less charge.

The metal trimmer has rounded edges which are skin-friendly and give you an even trim. Use the dual foil shaver to clean up the stubble around your beard. The mid trimmer gets hold of the longer and tougher hairs and the two floating foils give you a beautifully smooth shave.

The reversible trimmer is designed to cut very close while still protecting your skin. It has an angled design which makes it easier to create fine lines and details while shaving and styling. The style shaver is skin-friendly and gives high performance. Its steel blades brush lightly against each other so they sharpen themselves as you shave. This way, the blades stay extra sharp and cut hairs neatly and effectively. It also comes with a cleaning brush.

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